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CNC-turned parts from Germany – for all kinds of applications

CNC-turned parts belong to the segment of precision turned parts. The production with the lathe is computer-operated. The abbreviation CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) is deduced by that process. These machines are equipped with an RC-interface, by which CAD created drawings can be read in directly. This enables our experts to offer you CNC-turned parts as individual products and to fair conditions.

Our turned parts and connecting elements are certified according DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 (German TÜV) and show a high-precision quality. Thereby, we guarantee to meet your highest requirements – whether you order small, large oder extra large serials with 100.000 pieces or more.

Precision turned part for specialized and differentiated needs

If CNC-turned parts are used as connecting parts for rails, they have to meet functional and visual requirements. Therefore we also offer chrome plated and ball burnished versions. If the task is to hold various weather conditions, our team informs you about the possibilities and benefits of nickel-coated or galvanized pieces.

Our specialised company from Germany is the best address for surface treatments made by thick film passivation as well as the application of organic coatings. So our CNC-turned parts are ready for the use in areas of application like the constructing sector and the engine and gear manufacturing as well as for the fixation of buttons and risers when it comes to the production of bags and cases.

Benefit from the various application possibilities of our products

In our workshops in Germany we manufacture CNC-turned parts made of synthetic material, steel, brass or different metallic alloys. The starting profiles are hexagonal rods, squared rods, round rods or special profiles. The sizes and lengths are freely selectable. During an individual consultancy our experts answer all your questions.

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